Construction Stage Inspections

Building a new home and not sure what you need to be looking for to ensure the builder is carrying out their works to meet relevant standards?  We can help. Our construction stage inspections on new homes will ensure your builder is doing the right thing by you.  Inspections can be carried out at all stages listed below or you may just want one or two stages inspected.  It’s your call. Call us on 1300 886 525 to book your new home inspection.

Base – an inspection on the footing and overall slab dimensions, water proof membrane, waffle pods and steel reinforcement that helps keep your home standing upright.  We will also touch on possible site drainage issues that can affect movement through the foundations throughout the course of construction.  You will need to ask your builder to provide you with structural engineering documentation will as this is not normally be given to you as part of contract documentation.

Frame – an inspection of the timber and steel frame where dimensions, structural connections,  engineer’s details and general construction issues pertaining to relevant Australian standards are inspected.  Other items in this inspection include the following; room dimensions, alignment and fixing of the frame to the concrete slab, the frame is level, plumb, straight and square and all bracing has been correctly installed, fascia boards, bargeboards correctly aligned, damage to the window and door frames, roof trusses are adequately braced and installed to meet manufacturers requirements, Structural flooring is level, properly fixed and does not move or squeak, insulation wrap correctly installed and not damaged.

You will need to ask your builder to provide you with structural engineering documentation will as this is not normally be given to you as part of contract documentation.

Lock-up – An inspection of external wall claddings such as brickwork/rendered polystyrene/weatherboards. Roof claddings, fascia boards, bargeboards and gutters, external doors and windows, damage to specially coated surfaces, articulation joints, flashings and weepholes.  It is highly recommended a visit is made after the first 3 courses of bricks are laid to ensure excess mortar has been removed from the damp proof course membrane.

Pre-Plaster – the pre-plaster inspection is not aligned with particular construction stage although it is recommended to enable us to check the following items that we would otherwise be able to check at frame or lock-up stage;  insulation to perimeter and internal walls, electrical wiring for correct location of light switches and power points, baths and shower bases correctly installed, frame  damage caused by installation of electrical or plumbing pipes such as damage to bottom plates/studs, noggins and bracing.

Fix – All internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, built-in shelves, baths, basins, troughs, sinks, cabinets and cupboards are fitted and fixed in position ready for paint. This inspection will also pick up on plastering defects needing to be rectified prior to paint.

Final – When the home is presented at completion and where all contractual obligations by the builder have been finalised.  This inspection will thoroughly inspect all items previously inspected and all completion items that had not been inspected previously.