Residential Home Inspections in Melbourne

A residential home inspection from Melbourne Property Inspections can help you avoid nasty surprises down the line when you’re considering purchasing or investing in a house. We provide potential home buyers and investors with a complete report on a building’s condition in order to uncover and report on any potential or existing problems.

This means we can help save youa significant amount of time, stress and money when buying, building or maintaining a property.

A home buyers’ inspection can ensure you are informed of any building defects before purchase, putting you in a better position to negotiate the property price to factor in any repair costs. Our house inspection process also involves receiving expert advice on significant issues – including how they will affect your property in the long term – from a Registered Building Practitioner.

Our detailed residential property inspection reports are prepared in compliance with the latest Australian Standard (4349.1 – Building Inspections – Residential). They detail the building’s condition to inform you of any major structural defects, other significant defects (e.g. rising dam, poor site drainage) and potential safety hazards (e.g. asbestos in some cases). We can also inspect for and report on timber pest infestations.

For more information on our Melbourne house inspection process, contact us now on FREECALL 1300 886 525! We require only 24 hours’ notice to book you in.

Our home buyers’ inspections will cover all interior and exterior areas accessible to us at the time of inspection. This includes everything from the roof top & roof void to the under-floor space, as well as external elevations, paths and driveways, retaining walls, steps, fencing and the garage.