Can I be present at the inspection?

Your presence is welcome. Any discussions with clients can be carried out once the inspection process has been completed.  Any discussions after reading a report can also be had.

What type of experience to have/What is your background?

First and foremost I am a registered building practitioner whom worked in the residential and commercial construction industry for many years. I currently undertake renovation and new building works on investment properties I own. This means I carry out building works on properties that I own only, I do not carry out building works for my clients. Melbourne Property Inspections was founded in 2006.  Back then we were one of approximately five or six pre-purchase inspection companies around.  In our first two years we carried out just over 2000 inspections however, this was not sustainable and currently we carry out a maximum of three inspections per day which enables us to carry out approximately 700 inspections per year.

What areas of Melbourne to cover?

All metro areas and some and some peninsula areas are covered.

What does inspection cost?

Inspection costs will depend on the type of inspection you are wanting and particulars of the property that are to be inspected. For instance a 65 square home built in slab will differ in cost in comparison to a 20 square home built on stumps. Size, number of rooms and construction types are the main factors in determining price.

What are your qualifications?

  1. Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management (RMIT)
  2. I am a qualified building practitioner in the following categories;
    1. Domestic Builder – Unlimited DB-U28857.
    2. Commercial Builder – CB-L 25905
  3. Master Builders Association of Victoria – Member no: 041002

How can payment be made?

  1. Visa/MasterCard
  2. Cash on site
  3. On-line payment through your bank’s website.

What do you cover in your inspections?

  1. Pre-purchase inspections are carried out to meet relevant Australian standards.
  2. New home inspections will pick up defects that do not meet relevant Australian standards.
  3. Please refer to relevant sections of the website for further information.

Who can do a pre-purchase building inspection?

Unfortunately, anyone carry out a residential building inspection in Melbourne. It is therefore important that you use a professional organisation with the following attributes; Ensure your chosen building inspector is a Registered Building Practitioner in the ‘Unlimited’ category of residential building, is a Master Builder, has professional indemnity insurance, Can provide you proof of all of the above, has at least 10 years’ experience as an inspector incl report writing. Anyone can tell you they have 30 years’ experience in the game – but what does that really mean? Have they had inspection experience and do they know how to communicate the correct information through their report writing skills.